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More Bronze Boxing Gloves

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So we’re back with Steven Harpst Bronzes And Fine Arts, generating another bronze glove for the Nevada Boxing Hall Of Fame. We are going to re-scale the glove and 3D-print it for a 20-piece run in bronze.

Check back on the Project’s page to see the steps we are taking to generate the glove!


A Trip to Presentation Media


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A fantastic tour to Presentation Media, one of L.A.’s best Service Bureaus for both 3D Printing and all your other 2D Printing Needs!

Check the Service Bureaus’ Page to see pictures of the trip!


Purple Platapus: FDM Materials And Their Uses Seminar

Just finished a seminar over at Purple Platypus called “FDM Material Selection.” The seminar covered all the FDM materials that their Stratasys machines handle. Great information and samples!

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Check the Service Bureaus’ page to see the steps we are taking to generate the glove!


Cheers!'s Bas Relief Pictures...


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We just finished the sculpt for a Bas Relief that will be installed in the lobby of in Glendale, California…

We will post more pictures as we get them ready. We will go over the 14”-wide Proof-Of-Concept” we printed using our Lulzbot Taz 4 3D-Printer and how we put the whole thing together (fabrication) and how the final 30”-wide bas relief came out, so stay tuned!

Cheers!'s 8" "Proof-Of-Concept" Maquette...

We just finished three 8”- tall maquette for a five-foot statue of the mascot for ABC Mouse. This is one of the best ideas I can recommend to anyone who wants to make such commitment: make a small maquette and see if you like the pose. Is the head too big? Does the tail coil the right-way? These are questions you can answer with a small maquette rather than committing to the final 3D Print or milled-sculpture!

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New Project: Bronze Boxing Glove

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I just uploaded a diary of one of my favorite Projects we did this year, the “Bronze Boxing Glove” for Steven Harpst. We scanned an original Bronze-glove he had sculpted and shrunk it to various sizes (10%, 15% and 25%) per his costumer’s request…


This was done for the Nevada Boxing Hall Of Fame, check it out!

Check back on the Project’s page to see the steps we are taking to generate the glove!


PixelToonsInk! The Site of Robert M. Guthrie

So if you can put two and two together, you will realize that Robert M. Guthrie is my brother... There! So I’m giving him a plug on his newly created website,

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Check out his work and find out what our Mother called me “second Best!”... Obviously I’m kidding... My real nickname was “The Mistake”... I never understood what she meant by that?... I’M KIDDING! Jeeesh! You guys are a tough-crowd tonight!...

Check out a few samples of his work:




For the last few years he started his own concept design company - PixelToonsInk, where he designs characters and products primarily for the Toy Companies, but he has designed for all types, shapes and offshoots of the Entertainment Industry: from Warner Bros Consumer Products, Sony down to J.M.P. Creative. Here is a Toy Tank he design for Dairy Queen:



"ODDJOBS" Rapid Prototype Toy Development

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In the coming weeks I’m going to write a quick diary of the process and techniques I used to bring to live a toy design for a good friend of mine, Jon Kinyon ( Project, “OddJobs” ( is a T.V. series he is developing based on a line of toys he is making - synergy people, SYNERGY!...

What I did for Jon was to take some concept designs he had of the character and I sculpted a 3D model in ZBrush. I then converted the ZTool (model) into a Stereolithography file (.STL) and off it went to be printed at Purple Porcupine in Irvine California. The results are amazing, so stay tuned for designs, turntables and pictures of the whole process!...


Progressive "Coverage Checker Goggles" Commercial

No, I didn’t make this commercial, but I modeled the goggles!

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Click on the banner bellow to see a step-by-step diary on how I model the goggles!

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